Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Game of Thrones is turned into a graphic novel by the same publisher which also publishes the famous book series. Bantam is a traditional publisher which doesn't have much experience with comic books. The good news is that it's a lengthy release. The first 180 pages of comic book cover only the first half of the first book. Plenty of drawn pages lie ahead and we can be pretty sure, not too many details will be left out. A pity these ambitions don't show through all aspects of this first installment...

Clearly it has been Bantam's goal to capture younger readers. From that perspective, Tommy Patterson is not a bad choice as the artist chosen for the job. TPs style is cartoonish and childish. All characters are rendered younger and more alike compared to the TV series. The younger characters is given more space, suddenly Sansa start seeming like an interesting character.

What also makes mature readers keep their distance is the poor depicting of human emotions. From the artwork it can be hard to tell if a character is truely annoyed or angry. As you read through the book you start fantasising what this could have been with an artist that suits the adult nature of the original story. Brian Bolland perhaps?

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