Saturday, October 13, 2012

It’s now more than 6 months ago that Moebius passed away. Due to mediocre rules for naming children here in DK, my wife and I were not allowed to name our new-born son Moebius. At the opening of this blog it's time to honour the master once more!

One of the things I really admire about Moebius’ works is that it got better and better over the years. The insane escapades of the Incal lies many years back and some will argue, that he was less creative towards the end of his life. That might be so but the quality of his craftsmanship never ceased to improve. The final Blueberry story, Apache for instance, shows superior inking technique. The way he gives shape to the drawn objects are nothing less than outstanding. The inking goes perfectly well with the colouring, rendering and explaining the depth of each scene in an outstanding manner. And since Giraud was famous long before Photoshop was around, he also had a serene relationship with his computer-colouring.

It also seems Moebius and Giraud was united before his death. The two artists become one again. I think that could have been Giraud’s secret ambition when he drew his above mentioned Blueberry album. The inking of this story is sharper and clearer than any other Blueberry story. And the colours are slightly brighter than normal. Intentionally Giraud pushed the image of the western backdrop, to utilize the aesthetics of a Moebius SF environment.

He was a traveller all his life, he never settled for one particular style. Every single time a new story was published, the style was slightly different from the last. A true master he was.  

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