Sunday, October 14, 2012

Well,  a big thanks to Hans for taking this initiative!

As Hans mentioned we are both comic book fans, with Hans handling the decadent capitalist superheroes (expertly drawn comics about flying men in coloured underwear), and me taking care of the artistic revolutionary comics (sloppily drawn comics about sex, drugs and women with very large breasts, or behinds)

Since I grew up in the seventies (just as Hans did), and was young in the eighties and nineties, most of my exposure to the media of comics happened then and I consider this to be very fortunate since I arrived at the time of Metal Hurlant/ Heavy Metal magazine and their early generation of artists. A time when comics were definitely no longer for kids, a time when anything could (and did)  happen on a piece of white board with panels drawn on it. A very exciting time.

Of course, I didn't pick up the original Metal Hurlant, published in France in 1974 but the Danish language version called Total Metal which reached the newsstands and bookstores in the mid-eighties. This I read with feverish pleasure, discovering the work of Moebius, Serge Clerc, Daniel Torres and many others. Later on, I dived into the American version Heavy Metal where I encountered the genius of Richard Corben and other American visionaries, like Paul Kirchner and his wonderful The Bus, still one of my all-time favourites.

In the nineties came Daniel Clowes and "Los Bros" Hernandez, but since I stopped developing as a person around the year 2000 and think all new comics published after that date are mainly shite, I've begun to dig into the fascinating world of Golden Age comic books, now available as scans at websites operated by fans.

Well, that's all for now - to be continued!..

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