Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yes, Denmark is a small country...and if you wanted to make a list of famous Danes, and I mean a list of Danes famous outside of Denmark itself, it would be a very short list and most likely with Søren Kierkegaard the philosopher and Niels Bohr the Nobel prize winning physicist at the top of it, but of course also including our Cannes award winning meister film director: Lars Von Trier.

So what's that got to do with comics?...not much except that back in 1999 von Triers production company Zentropa published a wacky and quite funny comic book featuring "interpretations" of all of von Triers films made up until that time. It was called: The Egghead Trap

The creator of this forty page attack on all seriousness found in von Triers films was Jakob S. Boeskov who later made a name for himself in the international art world when he submitted the fantasy ID Sniper rifle design to an international arms fair and was approached by contractors who wanted to produce it. The Egghead Trap was created when Boeskov was an emerging new comic book talent (something he seems to have abandoned since) and is drawn in a Lo-Fi style seemingly influenced by classic sixties underground comics, John Holmstrom, MAD magazine and nineties comic book stars like Daniel Clowes and Peter Bagge.

As mentioned nothing is spared to make fun of both von Trier's films and himself, especially his psycho-sexual hangups and alleged fondness for the Third Reich... and one must admire that von Trier and Zentropa agreed to be the publishers of The Egghead Trap, they could just as well have sued Boeskov!

Definitely one of the more obscure things to emerge from the LVT/ Zentropa empire and I would probably never have heard about it had I not found it in a central Copenhagen second hand bookstore.

Today Boeskov shows at prestigious art world galleries and resides in New York but after reading The Egghead Trap you can't help feeling a bit sorry that he didn't continue his work as a comic book artist.

To be continued...

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