Sunday, November 25, 2012

Well... missed last week's posting here at Plopish...but hey!  - I've got  to make a living! so I had to spend the majority of my available time when not at my regular job, preparing a course in Apple Motion 5 for some freelance teaching work (and yes, I do expect a medal and a "thank you" letter from the Queen to arrive any day soon)

But, every time I feel like complaining about the hard merciless life here in Copenhagen, Denmark, all I need to do is scoot over to the Drawman blog and catch up on the lifestyle of a true blooded comic book pro.

Working professionally as a comic book artist since his teens, Drawman has been planning a crossover from comic book artist to illustration and fine artist for some years, beginning by doing a strenuous MFA course in painting. Of course he's still doing regular comic book work on the side, and teaching illustration classes, and doing some freelance inking, and some freelance penciling, some storyboard work, and...

I greatly enjoy the optimism and energy of Drawman (real name:Michael Manley) as he strides through his life as an professional artist, so totally different from my own experiences as a state-educated, modern, fine art artist. The guy works like a dog, a lot of the stuff he's doing isn't really that interesting for him to do, there's always the deadline hanging over his head, payments can be delayed for months

yet, he seems to....have fun...

Check out the long list of blog entries (Drawman's been going at it since 2005), perhaps starting with these thoughts on choosing to be an artist

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