Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yep... passed on that one when I saw it many years ago at the local newsstand.

The first volume of Love & Rockets by Los Bros. Hernandez,  published in Denmark in 1983 as "Mekanix". Of course I passed on was obviously drawn in that slick, professional Superhero style! - it even had some Superhero-looking characters on the cover!
"Superhero comics"... I didn't read that type of comics. Superheroes meant stupid stories about flying men wearing long johns and standing on top of skyscrapers, saying something like: "Beware, Crypthon - you can't escape the wrath of Dramatigor!!" and I simply couldn't  understand why their speech bubbles had some of the words printed in bold face?.. just plain stupid. So I passed on that stupid, superhero, Mekanix stuff, and instead went looking for the latest issues of what I considered to be the coolest comic book stories ever made

This went on for a couple of years, until some time in the mid-eighties I picked up Mekanix again, at a library. I was now in my late teens and my aesthetic sensibilities had become somewhat more advanced. Now I could appreciate the high standard of the drawings in Mekanix, the expert use of black solids and the perfect curvature of the lines. So I gave it another chance, started reading...hmm a couple of girls, about my own age. They're in a library (just as I was...) they are on opposite sides of a shelf full of books, they can't see each other, but one of them says: "Thirty-five dollars and a six pack to my name!", making the other girl reply: "SIX PACK!!"

Now I got it!..they were quoting the lyrics from "Six Pack" a punk song by Black Flag! I knew that song! I owned that record! those two girls in that comic book were punks! who liked punk music! just like I did! 

I read on...

And the rest is (ongoing) history... I started buying the L&R comic books when I moved to Copenhagen, stopped reading L&R because I had more important things to do! (...) returned to reading L&R comics because I desperately needed quality literature and art  in my life... stopped reading L&R comics because Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez (apparently) stopped doing them... and then returned to reading L&R comics because they started doing them again...but then...

Well, doesn't really matter... come June 2013 I'll be waiting in line, probably with other die hard fans, to finally meet  this guy

To be continued...

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