Sunday, January 13, 2013

Robert Crumb?...."he's dead ain't he?.. oh HIM, he must've gone bonkers and got locked up in an asylum somewhere - good thing!..oh yeah... the Fritz the Cat guy, he hasn't published anything since that weird bible thing...probably lives in some bombed out commune in California with the Grateful Dead and Peter Fonda..."

Yes, as we Crumb fans know, the man often referred to as "the greatest living cartoonist" did not vanish into fame, wealth and/ or insanity but instead relocated to the South of France in the mid-nineties, apparently to spend the remainder of his life playing the banjo and doing masterful and incredibly detailed drawings of sexy women...
Wonderful as this may be, it also means there have been few new comics coming from the hand of R.Crumb..."so much work, it's strictly a media for the young..." he has stated,  but as we insiders know, Crump is far from putting down his drawing tools to instead reach for a nice fresh copy of Vintage Record way Jose! he 's still doing work, but doing it for Mineshaft Magazine

(and while you ponder if you should hit that "subscription" button, you can read all about how Mineshaft's cooperation with the old recluse came about here )

In Mineshaft # 26 you are treated to this beautiful Wallace Wood tribute by Crumb

So it's like this fans: you want Crumb? - go get MINESHAFT!

To be continued

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