Sunday, April 14, 2013

HEY-HO-LET'S-GO!  they shouted,  and the world was never the same again...

Speaking of course of The RAMONES, legendary rockers who's reputation seems to have grown only bigger and stronger since they blasted out their last three chords back in 1996.

And what band could possibly be a better subject for a comic book than the Ramones? some cynics would even claim that they were a comic book!

Well, whatever your view on the subject, the DVD compilation Weird Tales of The Ramones released in 2005 not only included 85 songs, music videos and interviews but also a specially made comic book featuring contributions by such luminaries as Bill Griffith, Xaime Hernandez and of course John Holmstrom, co-creator of PUNK magazine, who drew the legendary April 1976 cover with Joey Ramone on it.

So, be a true punk! - download this illegally shared PDF, print it at your school or job, and bring it to the nearest taco stand so it can get covered in greasy sauce while you crumble and dog-ear the pages and your iPod destroys what's left of your eardrums, perhaps with the help of  this song

to be continued...

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