Sunday, April 7, 2013

Moldy and bitter old men are we here at Plopish?..

YES! but that doesn't mean we aren't HIP to the latest! and if you want a piece of that (the HIPness ...) why don't you dasheth over to DeviantArt and get a preview of the latest craze: Motion Books, from Madefire

Yes, they've been babbling about "web comics" for years now, but do you really want to read a comic book on your computer or smartphone?..OF COURSE NOT, what you want is Motion Book Apps, because with these you'll also have sound, music, and movement!..."hey, I can get that watching cartoons on my TV, you lame-o!" I hear the sceptic couch potato whine from the comfort of his unmade, pizza tray filled bed, but who ever listens to those losers! oblivious to the fact that for creating this revolution of the comic book, Madefire have recruited the talents of super stars like Brian Bolland and Dave Gibbons!

 Yes, the task is simple: be a man! be a hero! - download Madefire Motion Books TODAY from an App store near you

to be continued...

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