Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Welcome to Premium Panels!

The brand new section here at Plopish, where on Wednesdays we'll be showcasing select panels from comic books, of course with a few lines added, explaining why we think these particular images deserve special mentioning.

And today's selection comes from non other than the great Hergé, from his 1950 masterpiece Destination Moon.  And speaking of masterpieces, I would not refrain from calling this particular panel a true work of not only comic book art, but modern art.

And what do we see? - we see two mechanic-metallic vehicles, speeding down an equally metallic and brightly lit subterranean corridor, the gates they entered through closing behind them, signalling a point of no return. Where are they going?.. what lies ahead?.. the existentialist, post-Hiroshima nature of these questions are taken to the fullest by the subtle addition of, not explanatory text, not dialogue, not faces twisted in agony and despair...but the simple addition of abstract graphic symbols: two question marks.

And then, at the bottom, the signature of HERGÉ, which is found nowhere else in the entire volume...
(go on, check)

Hergé knew what he was doing. He knew that this was a powerful image, conveying a sense of mystery, unease, and wonder. Provoking thought.


don't you think?..

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