Monday, June 3, 2013

Copenhagen Comics 2013 is over, but you can relive (or discover) those magic days here in the red hot photo report from the Plopish! team

 Xaime Hernandez being interviewed.

Hernandez would talk about his art and how he got started as a comic book artist.
Considering his immense contribution to comic books as an art form, he was a surprisingly modest and down-to-earth person.

Ping Award winner Mårdøn Smet (left) gets in the ring with Nummer 9 blogger, Thomas Berger

Working the digiboard

German comic book artist Anke Feuchtenberger did this impressive live painting in just a few hours.

...and was later interviewed

- as was Danish comic book artist (left) Stine Spedsbjerg

Manvir Singh,  preparing to answer my penetrating questions about his The Evolutionist's Doodlebook

Estonian and Finnish comic book artist's share a stand. Comics have been booming in the Baltic countries for a number of years, fortunately helped along by low costs on colour printing.

Danish comic book artist Mikkel Sommer talks to Nummer 9's Cav Bøgelund about his latest release, a collaboration with renowned author and film script writer Kim Fupz Aakeson

high spirits at comics collective and publishers Ondskabens Flydende Vatikan

relaxed attitudes at comics collective Kulkælderen
Simon Bukhave (center, red shirt) has a show coming up at MOHS Exhibit gallery (september 2013)

Johan N Pedersen signing one of his self-published albums, he has more than sixty titles to offer!

security was tight, handled by a reputable out-of-town contractor.

You are never too old for comics

- or too young

strange...can't remember taking that photo, the camera must have gone off by accident!

 and last, but not least - the "pick-ups"...

Since I arrived early at the con, I had a chance to find stuff while the sellers where still setting up shop, and I gets me the rare and expensive Danish language version of John Difool nr. 5, at 1/3 of the going price! (yes, bottom corner is missing, but hey...), found at the stand run by Pegasus

Xaime Hernandez was signing later on, and I wanted him to sign one of the first Danish language L&R titles (called Mekanix), and managed to pick one up (worn and with some ball pen writing inside, but HEY!) found at an incredible 15 DKR at the stand run by

I decided to pass over on the more expensive, hardbound stuff from the bigger publishers and instead browse around the many interesting "independent" stands, looking to pick up something rare and unusual.

Well, more about this later, for now I say goodbye and a big thanks to Copenhagen Comics for a great and well-organized event!

to be continued

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