Wednesday, June 5, 2013

 This week's Premium Panels deal with the timeless issues of law, order and government!

And who could better illustrate this than one of the all time giants of comic book art: Jean "Moebius" Giraud...the above panel taken from one of his greatest creations: The Incal (or "John Difool" as it was known here in Denmark)

Facing a huge (and victorious..) army of rebels, the President of Earth (a decadent buffoon) has resolved to the "ultimate weapon",  allowing the evil Technos technicians to transform him from his humanoid body into: The Necroprobe! - a giant flying saucer bristling with ray guns, atomic mines and other hardware of death and demolition.

The Necroprobe is the embodiment of steel willed and uncompromising authority. Accountable to no-one, it  turns buildings and enemies into ashes in split-seconds, accompanied by the cheerful voice of the president, lauding the immense power of his new mechanical "body" while mocking the poor puny rebels who fall like toy-soldiers when facing the hyper-efficiency of this perfect police-machine, -  a destroyer of worlds...

Moebius/ Giraud has masterfully depicted The Necroprobe in a style reminiscent of nineteenth-century illustration with some inspiration from
Japanese woodcuts and Fritz Lang's Metropolis ,  turning the mayhem and murder into a fascinating scenery that is both horrifying, terrifying. And beautiful...

Fun!, Entertainment!, Law and Order!

- and ART!

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